Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A letter to families from Mrs. Manore and Miss Dewey at Orenda

Dear Families,
At the end of the school year I promised the 5th grade students Miss Dewey and I would read some books with them in mind. Specifically, we would read some of the books from the 6th grade reading list to let students know what we liked and what we thought would be more challenging. Since these books are aimed for 6th graders the reviews on the blog will only be labelled at MIDDLE SCHOOL. This does NOT mean these books are only for middle school students. A number of these books can be found in our elementary library media centers. But since some of these books may have more advanced subject matters and language they will not be listed in any of the other labels. Also, throughout the year Miss Dewey and I preview books that we like a lot but feel these may be better for middle school students than elementary students. These books will also be labelled as MIDDLE SCHOOL. What is really important is that families choose books together and families enjoy reading. Thank you.

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