Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anastasia's Album by Hugh Brewster

Reviewed by Miss Dewey at Orenda

Four paw prints. Imagine living in Russia 100 years ago. Your father is Tsar Nicholas II emperor of all Russia and you are "Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaievna", also known as Anastasia the youngest daughter of the king of Russia. Anastasia's Album is a book about Anastasia's life of privilege while growing up in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. The book is set up like a real photo album (or scrap book) with pictures of the royal family taken by friends and family members and not just members of the press. The most interesting aspect of this book is that many photos and illustrations were created by Anastasia herself so you can see what was most interesting to her when she was alive. Unfortunately, Anastasia was not a grand duchess very long. There were may poor people in Russia when her father was emperor and they were not happy. Some of these people decided if they worked together they could overthrow Anastasia's father and take control of the country. The result was very sad for Anastasia and her family. Though the ending is sad I did like this book and if you like history you will probably enjoy this book too. If you like this book and would like to read more great history books by Hugh Brewster visit http://hughbrewster.com/. You won't be disappointed.

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