Friday, December 12, 2014

The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever by H. Joseph Hopkins and illustrated by Jill Elmurry

Five paw prints!  Once, a long time ago there lived a little girl named Katherine Olivia Sessions.  Katherine lived at a time when little girls were supposed to behave, stay quiet, not play in the woods, and just be PROPER.  But, even though it was the 1860s, Katherine was allowed to ask questions, play in the woods, and eventually even attend college.  Katherine loved nature and especially plants.  In 1881 she became the first woman to graduate from the University of California with a degree in science.  Her first job was in San Diego, a desert town.  What would she do?    I love this book.  To see how one woman could turn a desert town into a lush city filled with plants is amazing.  What I find especially amazing is that she was able to do this at a time when woman were expected to stay home and she convinced others to help her make the city a better place to live.  What a exciting woman!  To learn more about Katherine Olivia Sessions and what she did for San Diego visit, or

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