Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent with photographs by William Munoz

Reviewed by Miss Dewey at Orenda

Five paw prints.  In April 2007, police raided property owned by NFL football player Michael Vick.  On the property were 66 dogs (51 were pit bulls) and NONE of them were being treated humanely.  These dogs were locked in crates, there was very little in interaction with other dogs, and there was very little interaction with people.  The worst part was when the dogs were around other dogs and people, it was strictly for FIGHTING!  Each dog involved had a short and sad life.  But, in April 2007, all but three of these dogs were saved (three died soon after being found) and were given to animal rescue groups to be retrained to be around other animals and people.  One of these dogs was a puppy "named" Number 86.  He was one of the pit bull puppies who was sent to California to become a family dog.  While in California, Number 86 was sent to live with a foster family (yes, these do exist for dogs) but the family loved him so much they decided to keep him and name him Audie.  Audie is much happier now, as are most of the original dogs, and he has many adventures with his family, including being used as a training dog to teach other abused dogs how to behave properly around animals and people.  I really loved this book.  All animals should be treated well and this book is a wonderful example of what can happen to a dog that is given a second chance.  To learn more about the specific dogs that were rescued visit,  To learn about the group that rescued Audie and some of the other dogs visit,  To learn about a local group that rescues pit bulls visit,  And, if this isn't enough information, there are plenty of websites listed at the end of the book.
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