Thursday, December 2, 2010

A letter from Miss Dewey and Mrs. Manore

Recently, we have made some small changes to the Orenda Reads blog and we wanted to let everyone know what we are doing.
  1. If the book is available in the Orenda library then you will see RED call letters and call numbers at the end of the review. This information will help you find the book in the library.
  2. We are going to start make book trailers to go with some of the book reviews. Please watch for this soon to be added feature. The label will be "Book Trailer Video".
  3. You may notice another new label called "nook". The Orenda Library Media Center is using nooks with the 5th grade students for the first time, starting with the 2010-2011 school year. If a title can be found on a nook, you will see nook at the bottom of a review.
  4. Some people have asked if they could make references to the Orenda Reads blog. You are more than welcome to reference this blog. Please understand these reviews are opinions that you are free to agree with or even disagree. (As the students are taught, you may disagree but you must always be polite.) If you would like to reference this blog, we would love to know. Please email us as and let us know!
  5. We have received compliments about the look and feel of this blog. THANK YOU. Blogger/Google does most of the work with the options that are offered, but we always appreciate kind words.
  6. If you would like to know what Miss Dewey looks like, please visit the bottom page of this blog. She is a whippet who thinks she is very beautiful. (She's a bit vain.)

Keep reading,

Miss Dewey and Mrs. Manore

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Julianna E. 3H said...

My favorite part of this book was the end because she got her memery back.