Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Clean a Hippopotamus by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Reviewed by Miss Dewey at Orenda

Five paw,, As you can tell I'm not sure how to rate this book so let me begin with a description. This book is about how different animals around the world survive by working together. There are birds that eat meat out of crocodiles' teeth and the crocodile does NOT eat the bird. There are birds that eat parasites off fish but don't eat the fish. There are fish that clean turtles. And my favorite, dogs who help people. This book really is very interesting with bright and detailed illustrations and lots of really interesting facts. At the end of the book there are descriptions of every creature that was mentioned on the previous pages. There were over 50 creatures! This book really does deserve five paw prints so you might be wondering why I would even consider only two paw prints if I thought the book was so good. IT WAS GROSS!! I made the mistake of reading this book while in bed before I fell asleep. I was creeped out, I couldn't fall asleep, and I had nightmares. In other will LOVE this book. To learn more about books by this team visit,
E Jen


Allison D 4we said...

My favorite part of the book Junnk Yard Wonders was when they went to the junk yard and they found out that they trully are junk yard wonders!

Amanda G said...

Dom't want to read this book it looks dissqustin.