Sunday, August 24, 2008

Knights of the Lunch Table: The Dodgeball Chronicles by Frank Cammuso

Reviewed by Miss Dewey at Orenda

Five paw prints. So you like graphic novels, like Babymouse, but Babymouse has too much pink for you? Have you tried the new series Knights of the Lunch Table? In The Dodgeball Chronicles, the first book in this series, Artie has moved to a new school and he’s miserable. He has no friends, all the “cool” kids play dodgeball (he’s terrible at dodgeball), and he has quickly become a target of the school bullies. What’s a new kid to do? Well, he becomes friends with other outcasts, opens the hardest locker in school, and challenges the bullies to a “winner take all” game of dodgeball. This may not be Artie’s best week in school but it may be his last. To learn more about this book visit .
Fic Cam


Dean W. at Orenda said...

This book is very funny!

Amanda V. at Orenda said...

I have never read this book but I read the back of it seems like a lot of people like it

brianna said...

love the book sooooooooo funny ive read it 4 times i just cant get enough of it!