Monday, June 9, 2008

I Love My New Toy by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Miss Dewey at Orenda

FOUR paw prints. Have you ever had a new toy that you loved so much you wanted to show it to everyone you saw? And, has someone accidentally broken the new toy? (Or in my case, my little sister Harmony broke the squeaker in the new chew toy.) Well, then you should read I Love My New Toy, one of the two new Elephant and Piggy books that just came out in May. In this Elephant and Piggy book Piggy has received a new toy and she wants to share it with Gerald (Elephant) but he breaks it. He doesn’t do it on purpose but it still happened. Piggy, of course, is very upset and she doesn’t know what to do. Will Piggy ever forgive Gerald and be his friend again? I really love this book. The pictures are simple but the expressions are detailed enough that you can understand the story even when there are very few words on a page. And about the words…all the characters speak in speech bubbles. Not only do they speak in speech bubbles but the bubbles are the same color as the characters that are talking. This is very helpful for younger students who are learning to read independently and may have a hard time recognizing different speaking characters. Best of all, if you like Pigeon, he is usually hiding someplace in the book. You may be wondering why I only gave this book 4 paw prints. Well, I like My Friend is Sad better and I compare all Elephant and Piggy books to this earlier title. If you want to learn more about My Friend is Sad, I Will surprise My Friend (the other new Elephant and Piggy book), or any other book by Mo Willems then I would recommend visiting
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Sarah said...

I have a brother and sister so I know what's it like. from
Sarah at Arongen

Maddy Z tesago said...

This was a great book!

Amanda V Arongen said...

this looks good